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Wilmington FirePAC

What is the Wilmington FirePAC?

-The Wilmington FirePAC is a political action fund, managed by the IAFF Local 1590, and made up from voluntary contributions to advocate for the firefighter agenda.

What is the "firefighter agenda"?

-The firefighter agenda means putting firefighters and safety first. You can’t put safety first when you put firefighters last. The firefighter agenda includes collective bargaining, quality healthcare, adequate staffing, retirement security, better tools and equipment to do your job, and making sure you work in a healthy and safe environment.

Who can contribute?

-All Wilmington Firefighters are encouraged to contribute to the Wilmington FirePAC. You can contribute with a check or electronic funds transfer to our account at the Wilmington Police & Fire Federal Credit Union.

Does any of my dues money go to the Wilmington FirePAC?

-No dues money goes to the PAC. The Wilmington FirePAC follows the campaign finance laws of the State of Delaware.

What is the goal of the Wilmington FirePAC?

-To advance the greater good for Wilmington firefighters and fire marshals by advocating the firefighter agenda in the State and Local political arenas. By advocating for improving firefighter working conditions and union issues, fire service delivery for the public will improve.

Jul 23, 2020
The IAFF believes, respects and celebrates the absolute right of every IAFF member to vote for the candidate that he or she feels best represents and embraces that individual’s views and political philosophy. No one, including your union, has a right to tell you how to vote. Similarly, the IAFF will never criticize any member for his or her choice of candidate.
Jul 30, 2020

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