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Local 1590 WFD Exit Interview Questionnaire

Please complete this form for Local 1590 records. If you would prefer to leave your Name/DOB/Date of separation blank, that is understandable. This information could be useful in future CBA negotiations and labor-management relationships, so we just ask that you answer those questions as best and honestly as possible, so we can try to make improvements.

The specific information (i.e. your name) will not be shared with anyone outside of the Local 1590 executive board when discussing the results of these forms.  The WFD Admin will not see any answers combined with the name of the person who completed the form.


Date of hire:

Date of separation:

Rank at separation:

Type of separation:



If terminated, what was the reason (optional)?

What factors lead to your separation:
 Family circumstances / Relocation / Continuing education
 Job dissatisfaction / working conditions / quality of supervision
 Better wages/salary elsewhere
 Better schedule/shift elsewhere
 Lack of promotional opportunity at WFD / Promotional opportunity elsewhere
 Health reasons
 Other, please specify 

Please provide an explanation for each factor you selected above:

Were your expectations of the WFD met during your employment?
  Yes          No

Explain how:

Would you recommend the Wilmington Fire Department as a place of employment?
  Yes       No

Explain why:

What were some of the "positive" aspects of the WFD at the time of your separation:

What were some of the "negative" aspects of the WFD at the time of your separation:

Would you consider re-employment with the WFD within a year of your separation? (if applicable and/or available)

  Yes      No

What changes/improvements to the department would you make?

Would you be willing to discuss your separation in more detail with members of the executive board?
  Yes      No

If yes, please provide a contact phone number:

What changes/improvements to the Union would you make?
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